Fiona Conroy

Fiona Conroy

Senior Vice President

  • Background

    Proud PA native and alumna of The George Washington University. Former campaign manager for U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue; former Executive Director of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee; adjunct faculty at GWU’s Graduate School of Political Management.

  • First Job

    Cashier at Wegmans. I started just days after my 15th birthday and worked there for the next seven years.

  • Career Highlights

    Running the I.E. table that swept all three open PA Supreme Court races in 2015; winning a U.S. Senate race in a red state in 2012; being able to give my parents the opportunity to attend President Obama’s historic inauguration in 2009.

  • Clients

    PA Governor Tom Wolf, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, UFCW, IAFF, and several congressional, state legislative and local candidates across the country.

  • Guiding Principles

    “I think most of my approach to life has been like that, to find order in chaos, to be in the middle of a bunch of things happening at the same time, but find focus. I strive to be like the sun sitting in the middle of the solar system with all the planets spinning around it — millions of things going on. It's just sitting there being the sun, but exerting gravitational effect on everything.” -Rza, The Tao of Wu

  • Inspiration

    All the brave men and women who have fought battles for civil rights, equal rights, workers’ rights and women’s rights. Their courage paved the way for the work we’re doing today.

  • Giving Back

    I volunteer my time on The George Washington University Alumni Association Board of Directors.

  • Outside Interests

    Cooking. NPR. Football.

  • Favorite Song

    “City of New Orleans” (written by Steve Goodman; performed by many, including Arlo Guthrie, Willie Nelson and Chet Atkins).

  • Favorite Sport/Sports Team

    The Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Hometown

    Williamsport, PA (The home of Little League baseball).