Lisa Suchy

Lisa Suchy

Senior VP of Operations

  • Background

    Born in Minnesota with a Degree in Advertising and Bachelor’s in Business Management. I bring a blend of creativity and organization to our art department. 

  • First Job

    Corn de-tassling in the hottest days of the summer wearing a turtleneck. Working 12-hour-days for weeks, earning little over $200 – can I say “child labor laws!”

  • Career Highlights

    Earning numerous industry awards, managing the design and creative process for thousands of jobs a year, and ensuring the day-to-day office operations remain smooth.  

  • Clients

    Working in a variety of industries ranging from a presidential campaign or progressive organization, to the largest US golf management company, NASA, Coca-Cola and 3M.

  • Guiding Principles

    Organization, equality, respect, moral courage, confidence.

  • Inspiration

    Family. The successful women in my life – my mother, sister, and grandmothers give me the passion to achieve my best, while my husband, father, and sons are my “rocks” of stability. 

  • Giving Back

    Whether I am donating my art to fundraising auctions, volunteering at charity events, or mentoring; I always continue to seek creative ways of philanthropy for the benefit of others. 

  • Outside Interests

    Gardening; growing plants of all kinds from Wisteria to Palms, Pineapples to Avocados, each challenges me to experiment and think outside the box. Fashion is another interest that keeps me inspired and motivated to expand my boundaries.

  • Favorite Sport/Sports Team

    My favorite sport is walking around in high heels, so my favorite team is Dolce and Gabbana (or Jimmy Choo).

  • Hometown

    Dassel, Minnesota.

  • Favorite Designer

    Giuseppe Zanotti.