Shanon Henry

Shanon Henry

Senior Vice President

  • Background

    Started my career in the non-profit world and then worked in polling. This led to work in the field and eventually I did some campaign management. Now I design and implement sophisticated strategic communications programs for progressive organizations and campaigns. Interests include program optimization, testing and analytics, truly integrated communications, creative design and beating Republicans.

  • First Job

    Snack bar attendant at local swimming pool when I was 14. Got paid roughly $1.35/hour. Really wish I had a union.

  • Career Highlights

    Helping a lifelong friend get elected to the Maryland House of Delegates. Doing my small part to give working people a voice in the political process.

  • Clients

    AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, League of Conservation Voters, NEA, We Are Wisconsin, The Organizing Group and several other campaigns and progressive organizations.

  • Guiding Principles

    Keep a tough mind and a tender heart (h/t MLK, Jr.). A man must have a code (h/t Bunk Moreland). Ball don’t lie (h/t Rasheed Wallace).

  • Inspiration

    My folks.

  • Favorite Song

    Love and Happiness by Al Green.

  • Favorite Musician(s)

    Curtis Mayfield, The White Stripes, Prince, MF Doom, Stevie Wonder, The Band, Sam Cooke, Tom Waits, Fela, J. Dilla, Radiohead, Otis Redding, The Roots, Wilco, D’Angelo, Neil Young, Nina Simone, Al Green, Peter Tosh, A Tribe Called Quest, Sade and many, many more.

  • Favorite Sport/Sports Team

    Washington Professional Football Team, ‘Cuse, Caps, Nats, Wiz, O’s (in that order).

  • Favorite Food

    If there’s a buffalo chicken sandwich on the menu, there’s a good chance I’m ordering it.

  • Hobbies

    Cooking, eating, playing basketball, drinking whiskey, hiking with my dog.