Steve Oatmeyer

Steve Oatmeyer

Senior Designer

  • Background

    Born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I studied advertising and design at a local college. Began working as a graphic designer in ad agencies before there were Macs on everyones desks. 

  • First Job

    Stockboy at a sporting goods store at 16.

  • Career Highlights

    Meeting Chip Kidd. Winning a Telly award for creating a PSA for lung cancer awareness.

  • Clients

    My clients have included nonprofits, B to B, Research and Consumer.

  • Guiding Principles

    No matter what happens in your life, good or bad, its only temporary. Above all be kind.

  • Inspiration

    My friends and family.

  • Giving Back

    I donate my time and design efforts to nonprofits that have touched my life in some way. Last year I did design projects for ALS Association in memory of my friend Val.

  • Favorite Sport/Sports Team

    Bills, Sabres and the Nationals.

  • Favorite Food

    Anything ethnic. The spicier the better.

  • Hometown

    Home of the chicken wing, extra long winters and wide right.

  • Favorite Designer

    Chip Kidd, Andy Warhol