501 (c)(4) GOTV Program

Increasing Mid-Term Turnout of African-American Drop-Off Voters

In 2010, a coalition effort led by the NAACP, SEIU and Our Community Votes was faced with a difficult challenge – increasing turnout among surge, drop-off and infrequent African-American voters in a mid-term election. Working with the NAACP, we helped implement a rigorous testing program, followed by a fully integrated mail, canvass and phone communications strategy. The program boosted turnout in targeted areas by as much as 16%.

Building on our learning from 2010, we worked with Color of Change and the Analyst Institute on a 2014 African-American turnout program that relied on similar tactics. We initially tested two tracks of mail nationally – one focused on economic justice messaging and another that tied Republican politicians/policies to the events in Ferguson, MO. Based on the positive results from that test, we rolled out a GOTV program in North Carolina, using the Ferguson messaging, as well as a traditional social pressure approach.